Ever wonder how your homeowner's insurance policy is calculated?

While your home's value and household contents play a part in determining your rate, there are other factors that determine how your premium is calculated:

1. Location - Insurance companies will take into consideration the crime rate in your neighborhood, how near your house is to the fire station, and the chance for "act of God “claims.

2. Your Home - The age of your home, the type of construction (wood, stucco siding, brick, or stone) and whether your home has a security system all affect your premium.

3. Extra - Rates may increase if you have a pool, trampoline or own a dog.

4. Added Protection - If you have any optional riders on your policy for additional coverage for wine, art, jewelry, etc., you will pay a higher premium.

5. Amount of coverage - the amount of coverage you purchase on your home, the contents of the home, and the liability limit will be factors in the price of your policy.

The biggest determining factor when it comes to rates for all insurance companies is RISK. Insurance companies determine risk by looking at how often you have filed a claim and the severity of the claim.

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