Here is a guide from FEMA, "Reducing Flood Risk to Residential Buildings That Cannot Be Elevated." FEMA'S publication presents a range of flood protection measures available as alternatives to traditional structural elevation for homeowners whose residences meet both of the following conditions:

1 - The residences are existing buildings. This publication does not address new construction in areas prone to flooding. These structures should be sufficiently elevated and built in conformance with NFIP and local floodplain management regulations.

2 - The residences must not be Substantially Damaged or Substantially Improved, meaning that the buildings have not sustained damage or undergone improvement (i.e., reconstruction, rehabilitation, addition) where the cost of the damage or improvement exceeds 50 percent of the market value of the building before the damage occurred or improvement began. As with new construction, Substantially Damaged or Substantially Improved structures must be rebuilt in conformance with NFIP and local floodplain management regulations.

To read more from the guide from FEMA, click here.

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